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            The Echo Valley Art Group's Annual Art Auction
                          will be held on September 15th, 2013, at Rader Park
                          at the end of Apostle Way, Homestead Village, off of Marietta Avenue,                           in Lancaster


The Echo Valley Art Auction will once again be held at our new auction location in Lancaster of Rader Park, on the south side of the Homestead Village complex, off of Marietta Avenue in Lancaster. This is the most unusual art auction held in the County, as well as the longest running annual art auction in Lancaster County.  All of the work auctioned is original art, and ranges from pottery to painting in every medium, with a little bit of everything else in between.
Starting bids can be as low as $25, and rarely is the final selling price close to the retail value of the work. There are no entry or bidding fees. The public is invited to browse the exhibited work of some of the artists and select pieces that they wish to bid on. 

 The event begins at noon with viewing of the work, with the auction beginning at 1:00 pm. Refreshment are available.

The group holds the auction each year to raise much needed funds dedicated for the Lancaster County Young Artists exhibit (formerly, the Scholastic Arts Awards), an art exhibit and competition for middle and high school art students. The group also uses funds raised at the auction to help support events at the Lancaster Museum of Art. 
But the main intent of the auction, for this group celebrating their 66th year, has always been to share their artwork with their community and their collectors - hopefully, both new and returning collectors. Please join us this year for this relaxed outdoor art event, meet the artists, browse the artwork, and treat yourself to some of Lancaster County's finest artists' work. Artists showing at this year's auction include: 

Carol Anspach, Daniel Burns, Ann DeLaurentis, Hubert Fitzgerald, Milt Friedly, Bruce Fry, Jim Gallagher, Carol Galligan, Jeff Geib, Claire Giblin, Susan Gottlieb, Robert Lyon, Shalya Marsh, Carol Morgan, Richard Ressel, Peg Richards, Abby Rudisill, Carol Shane, Scott Spangler, and Richard Whitson.