Ann DeLaurentis
Watercolors and Etchings
Ann in her studio at 432 North Christian Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

enter the eye of Ann DeLaurentis to see a world of intense colors and liquid textures:
     the vivid vermillion of a flower swaying in a field of green,
           softly modulated corals and scarlets defined by the geometric spaces of a city building,
                   cool blue shadows flowing across spiky tie-dyed cactus,
                            warped reflections in windows melting the urban landscape into malleable coppers and golds
             New work at Echo Valley Art Auction - Sept. 15th, 2013


The watercolor paintings and etchings of artist Ann DeLaurentis depict images of exotic florals and structural urbanscapes - cityscapes of Philadelphia and Lancaster. High-chroma water color painting techniques give her artwork intense colors and a quality of vibrant energy. Click on enter to view three different series of paintings.